Thoughts from the Tub – $20 USD

A humorous compilation of previously published columns, Note to Self, depicting the life of a single mom raising 4 boys.  Said to make a great “bathroom” read due to the length of the columns! Some say the style is Erma Bombeck-like.

Read the Introduction.

Read a sample column: Yuck! That’s NOT Going in My Mouth!


The Boomerang Effect – $20 USD

Herein you will find not only how the Law of Attraction works but also real examples and exercises to help you sort out your thoughts and align your thinking with the law.  If you have found that the law has not been working for you, then you need this book.



CD_Escaping_DreamsuckersEscaping the Dreamsuckers CD – $15 USD

When a live recording is made you get all the sounds of being in the audience. Laugh with them as they engage in activities during the message.  Discover for yourself how the “Dreamsuckers” in your life might be holding you back.