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I’m a gregarious “funny lady” who has chosen to look on the brighter side of life in spite of traumatic events in my past: abandoned by family at age 6, failed adoption, failed marriages.

Through the use of humor I inspire leaders to seek out life-fulfilling choices and muster the courage to embrace change. When I take the stage, I bring loads of laughter, lessons learned (content-rich) and love of life.

Juggling Can Be Hazardous to Your Health as well as my other popular keynotes get rave reviews as audiences “get it” and see a way to begin a transformative process.


 Some facts about me …

  • presented to various audiences from direct sales, insurance reps, accountants (who says they don’t have a funny bone?), university staff & faculty and multiple levels of government
  • accredited by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario to present several continuing education courses
  • regular blogger for the Huffington Post – linked from my blog page
  • freelance columnist for Sun Media Corp. for 4 years – also authored Thoughts from the Tub, The Boomerang Effect and compiled (with partner) BIG IDEAS for the BIG STAGE (a book for speakers written by speakers)
  • journeyed from high school dropout to high school teacher to College Professor (presentations and publishing)
  • sailor, golfer (never lost a ball – never hit it out of sight!), wife of 23 years (after 2 practice marriages) mother of 4 sons, grandmother of twin boys & 1 girl (and more on the way – yeah!)
  • Host of Rogers TV Talk Show Boomers to the Power of 3 where experts share invaluable information about all manner of subjects of interest to the community


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Audiences will love YOU when you hire Merri – The Professional Smarty Pants!

merri flaviconRight from the beginning, audiences sit up and notice that Merri is different.  With her skillful story telling and Smarty Pants way, she shares valuable insights, practical lessons and  immediately  implementable strategies.

Often engaging audience members while using props, Merri is memorable.  Standing ovations are a very frequent occurrence whether it’s after a keynote or breakout session.  People can’t help but connect with her personable style.




What others are saying about Merri…


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 Juggling Can Be Hazardous to Your Health:


How to Undo, Stop Doing and Right Do Your Life!

Most people find themselves living in the Land of Overwhelm. They are trapped in a cycle of juggling too many things for too many people without realizing the toll it takes. It’s time to stop the madness! It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of life to take back control, set priorities and safeguard relationships.

Often called inspirational, informative and instructional, Merri’s keynote challenges audiences to think and regroup daily routines and to avoid living in the Land of Regret.

Humorous and dynamic, this content-rich keynote is truly a unique experience for any audience. CEOs, Board Directors, salespeople and accountants have all applauded Juggling Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.



 Learn How To:

checkmark transparentDiscover the true cost of “busyness” and the impact on your work and wellness.

checkmark transparentStep out of the Land of Regret with priorities and consequences.

checkmark transparentExperience the ‘Law of Forced Efficiency’ and how to use it to maximize productivity.

checkmark transparentOpen doors of opportunity by eliminating the ‘Failure to Execute Syndrome’.

Come away not only with some specific steps to get you moving in the right direction, but also with a renewed commitment to yourself.  Be engaged, excited and energized!  Be inspired to act!

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Other Popular Keynotes:


Embrace Change or Get Run Over

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The words, “it’s time to make a change” can strike fear into the hearts of many.  Most don’t like uncertainty and look to avoid change for as long as possible – to their detriment.  Instead of embracing change and anticipating great opportunity from it, they will run from it until they are run over by it…often with disastrous results.  Change is NOT a four letter word to be shunned . Let the humor in this presentation unveil the positive side of change.
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Comfort Zone or Jail?  Your Choice


When asked many people can easily describe what their comfort zone looks like. For some it is a place like home; for others it’s an environment like hanging out in their PJs huddled in a blanket on the couch.  But maybe, just maybe, it is really a jail and they are locked away in a prison of their own choosing.  This humorous presentation offers a twist on an age old perspective and dares to ask the question: From what is your comfort zone keeping you?
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Escaping the DreamsuckersTM

 Has it ever happened to you that the people in your life are not supportive of the dreams you wish to pursue?  Whatever do you do?  There are always choices.  Some have succumbed to the voices of the naysayers and were forever regretful.  Others fought through until they  escaped…and you can too.  In this interactive session, discover 5 strategies that can set you free to live the life you choose not the one chosen for you.
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