It’s a Strength NOT a Weakness

[Published on Huffington Post] Over the years as we grow to maturity and seek to find our true selves, we are also growing a very strong sense of independence.  From learning how to walk, talk and dress ourselves to the more complicated adult discoveries like career choices or life partner selections we strive to “do it ourselves”. No help needed here.

In so many ways, we also learn that asking for help can be seen as a sign of weakness.  In so many ways, it does help us to do a lot of personal development.  We struggle almost continuously.  And all the while, we are at the ready to lend a helping hand to any who ask.   Continue Reading

Just How Fast Was It?

[Published on Huffington Post]When did it become that faster was equated with being better? Not only do we expect that we have to perform faster but we also know that it is going to cost us more and we are okay with that.

We talk about the speed of cars in terms of how fast they can get from zero to sixty and that is measured in seconds. After all, it is so really very important that our car will spring us into action at a stop light so we can be first at the next one. Is this a status symbol? For some it is.

Is the crux of the problem with road rage why people are demanding to get to where they are going faster?

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15 Minutes to Minimize Stress

[Published on Huffington Post] Too often today so many of us are caught up in the daily grind, wondering how we can get off the hamster wheel of life. This can’t help but lead us to experience feelings of overwhelm and the more we feel that way the greater our stress levels.

Our days tend to look like this; get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Rinse and repeat day after day. With little to no time to unwind, there is little opportunity to minimize the stress from the hectic schedule. One day quickly melds with the next and suddenly weeks and months have passed. The intent to address the stress never gets implemented but should be. With a mere 15 minutes each day, and with discipline to be consistent, stress can be significantly minimized. How easy does that sound?

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How to Become a Great Listener

[Published on Huffington Post]Most people aren’t great listeners. While someone is talking to them, they are more than likely thinking about what it is they are going to say when it is their turn. Sometimes, there is a game involved like My Story is Better than Your Story.

Because there are so few great listeners, if you develop this skill you will stand out from the crowd. People gravitate towards listeners and in the workplace, those who can do this well will excel. Building relationships with colleagues runs deeper and truer which allows for less friction.

Ever notice how great a listener a dog is.   Continue Reading

Make It An Intentional Conversation

[Published on Huffington Post] When it comes to voicing issues or concerns, there are basically two types of conversations. The first is one that erupts out of frustrations.  Like a balloon that is holding too much hot air, this conversation pops when least expected sometimes causing irreparable damage.

No one involved is prepared to deal with this situation at this time.  When it comes about suddenly words might be spoken that were never intended but the heat of the moment bubbled them to the surface. More often than not, this conversation doesn’t bring about the desire results of bringing people together.  On the contrary, it tends to widens the gap.

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